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About Molly's Soap

Molly's Soaps are made in the Methow Valley, near Winthrop, Washington.  The soap base is saponified olive, palm & coconut oils, with water from a spring on our property.  Sometimes I use herbal infusions in the base.  A few varieties are unscented but most are carefully scented with essential or fragrance oils, pleasing scents without being overwhelming.  There are other natural additives for moisturizing, exfoliation, etc.  You'll find detailed descriptions and ingredient info on each soap's page - click on the "more info" links.  Many of my customers with allergies or sensitivities to commercial soaps appreciate the mild, gentle feel of Molly's.   I get a lot of compliments on the lather, too.  How's that for tooting my own horn!

Molly in the garden

This is a small business.  I never test products on animals.  The labels are simple, they list all the ingredients and propaganda, but will appeal to the minimalist.   I use recycled products for packaging and shipping whenever possible.

I started experimenting with soap making in 1975.  I've always loved to make stuff.  Gardening has been a way of life for me so using homegrown herbs and flowers in the soap was a given.  This hobby turned into a business in 1982, in my kitchen, with 5 varieties of handmade soap.  Before too long I wanted the kitchen back and the business grew into a tiny soap factory a short walk from the house.  I still make soap in small batches, cut by hand, with special attention to quality.